Education Stocks: Tips and Lists

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Education Stock Market Tips

Investors should be looking for schools with a steadily rising enrolment along with high conversion rates. These are typically good indicators of strong revenue and earnings growth. Capable management is also an important consideration in weighing these stocks for investment. Keep in mind that the industry is very susceptible to "headline" risk. Even just the hint of an investigation from the U.S. Department of Education could cause a super sharp decline in valuation. If news breaks that a particular company is under investigation for reporting irregularities, its stock could be take a serious hit.


The next big thing in education has arrived.  EdTech aims to facilitate education and improve performance by offering a more personalized learning experience. Basically, EdTech offers up a bunch of tools designed to enhance pedagogy. These tools include software, hardware and processes.

Here are a few struggles the EdTech industry is faced with:

  • Educators’ resistance to change

  • Disconnect between users and purchasers

  • Ongoing development

  • Student privacy concerns

  • Cost

These struggles aren’t too debilitating, though. Venture and equity financing for EdTech companies has soared to nearly $2 billion – 55% higher than the year before . Whereas massive exits in the consumer technology industry are plentiful, acquisitions and IPOs in the education space remain rare by comparison…EdTech may be the bridge to that gap.