Retail Stocks and Consumer Goods Stocks

Retail stocks live and die by the consumers' hands. Margins might not be the best but these stocks can grow quickly. Then practice what you've learned with our free stock market simulation.
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About the Retail Stock Market

Retail stocks live and die by the behaviour of consumers. If times are good and the economy is booming, people have more money to spend at retail stores. It's pretty simple, but this causality does not imply that all retail stocks are the same, it's actually the opposite. As the economy expands and contracts, all retail stocks are affected. But some retail stocks perform comparatively well in bad times, while others show poor numbers in good times. This is why investing in retail stocks can be tricky. You must compare retail stocks to their competitors to see if they are worth buying.

In general, if the retail industry is doing well as a whole, that is an indicator for the rest of the market that it's a great time to invest. In a way, the whole system is dictated by consumer sentiment as they dictate retail stock performance, and retail stock performance leads other industries.

Retail Stock Tips

Retail stocks represent all the stores we visit to buy stuff. So a good way to learn about a retail company before investing is to actually visit their stores. Get a feel for what they sell, is it well priced, packaged and high quality? Other things to note about stores is how well lit they are, where products are placed, how many people are in the store, and how current the merchandise is. A good store means good sales, while an empty store can be the harbinger of doom and there's no hiding that.

Speaking of sales, there is nothing more important than sales for a retail company. But not just any sales, smart sales. We're talking how stores perform on a period-to-period basis like year over year for example. If the sales are increasing, that's good news and you might want to invest. But if the numbers are going down it could mean bigger problems for the company and it might not be the right choice to buy that particular retail stock.