Travel and Airline Stocks: Prices and Tips

Do you like to travel? From airlines to cruise ships, these stocks are going places. Then practice what you've learned with our free stock market simulation.
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Popular Airline Stocks

Watch your portfolio take off with our top picks for airline stocks.
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About the Airline Stock Index

As you might have expected, these stocks will take you places... literally. People love to hate airlines when it comes to flight cancellations, lost bags and long lines. But the truth is, airlines are massive companies that make for interesting investments, especially if you are willing to take on a bit of risk to add some growth to your portfolio.

You can't talk about airline stocks without talking about jet fuel. While you may not see that big of a difference at the pump, low oil prices are fueling a surge in airline stock prices. The shear buying power of these travel giants results in a low fuel cost environment that has a nice effect on their bottom line.

Other Travel Stocks

Check out our top picks for travel stocks that are going places.
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Tips for Investing in Travel Stocks

Keep Your Eye on the Oil

Jet fuel isn't exactly cheap. Any movement on the price per barrel of oil is going to have a huge effect across the travel industry.

Watch the News

Disaster strikes when you least expect it. You can be sure that unfortunate accidents, especially those that result in the loss of human life have a negative effect on related stocks.